About Us
Adopt a Small Business wants to adopt a local business with the support of local experts and sponsors. The goal is to help the entrepreneur grow the business, create jobs, and change a few lives along the way. Pretty cool. Register your business today for your chance to be chosen for the first annual “Adopt A Small Business” program. Read more
Expert Consultants
We have put together a team of dedicated professionals who are some of the best in their industry. Our experts will provide the knowledge and know-how to help your business succeed. With experts from each industry, you will be well equipped with consultants that can provide the advice and service you seek. Read more
All that's missing is YOU! We are looking for passionate business owners who believe in themselves and their idea. We are looking for the die-hards who have what it takes, but need that extra push to get going. If you think you have what it takes to and are hungry for sucess, then please apply today. Read more