About Adopt A Small Business

Adopt a Small Business is a program in its infancy.  You can call it a start-up. As with all start-ups, the challenge is to turn the start-up into a sustainable business model.

The idea is simple: To help a local, small business grow and succeed with the help and expertise of small business experts all working together (think “dream team”). The next step is to have the “adopted” business give back to the program and become an integral part of helping the next “adopted” business prosper. The idea is as basic as you can get.

The experts and sponsors that committed to this idea are true small business trail blazers. They have committed time, passion, resources, and most importantly, their expertise.


Adopt a Small Business (Fact Sheet)

Treating your business as we would our own.


Provide business expertise to worthwhile small businesses to facilitate growth.


Adopt a Small Business is a non-profit entity made up of volunteer experts who will become one business owner’s planning, marketing, communication and sales generating consultants that every small business deserves.

The volunteer team includes:

  • Larry Vivola, Business Coach, Inline Business Advisors
  • Michael Arce, Search Engine Optimization, Loud Rumor
  • David Marsh, Video Marketing, Song Script
  • Jason Yarger, Social Media,Gear Marketing
  • Will Chase, Interactive Design/Website Consulting, Scottsdale Website Design
  • Jenny Brooks, Public Relations, Jenny Brooks Public Relations


Adopt a Small Business’s volunteer experts are pooling their expertise on a pro bono basis over a year-long period to help one business achieve its desired goals. Worth more than a projected $60,000 in marketing consulting fees, all services and advice are free aside from hard costs such as web hosting, printing, advertising, etc.


The candidate for Adopt a Small Business’s inaugural project should be based in the Phoenix-metro area.


Adopt a Small Business will accept applications May 1st through June 30th. Services for the selected business will begin July 4th, 2013 and last for one year. Visit www.adoptasmallbusiness.com to apply.


There are many businesses out there with a great model, plan and product or service, but still struggle. Many business owners struggle to provide attention to all parts of the business that need it to be successful. The Adopt a Small

Business team members have expertise in these parts of the business will become an ancillary part of the adopted business. The team members are committed to helping the deserving business find success.

What will Adopt a Small Business Provide?

The short answer is Adopt a Small Business’s team will help the selected business owner to set goals and objectives and then put together the plan that will get them there. Depending on the business selected, services will range from development of company mission, vision and values, along with long-range planning, company branding, audience identification and development of marketing tools such as a website and sales materials.