Larry Vivola (Business Coach)
Founder, Adopt a Small Business

Larry Vivola is the founder of Inline Business Advisors, a small business coaching firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Larry helps entrepreneurs reach their full potential in business. He compares his relationship with his clients to a sports coach and his or her athletes.

Larry’s successful coaching/consulting philosophy breaks all businesses into eight categories, which he refers to as the “the business octopus.” These categories are marketing, sales, systematization, financial management, profit margins, human resources, customer service, and leadership. He believes that all categories must be functioning efficiently and effectively for a business to be truly successful.

Michael Arce (Search Engine Optimization)
Founder, Loud Rumor

Michael Arce, CEO of Loud Rumor, is an expert in internet marketing for small businesses. His company has helped hundreds of other companies improve their online presence, thus improving their bottom line. Michael has been asked to be the speaker for the Better Business Bureau on internet marketing seminars that are meant to educate their members, along with being a speaker at many other events, seminars and webinars. His main goal is to continue expanding his already stellar reputation for helping small businesses grow by using his expertise and very well-versed team of project managers and internet marketers.

David Marsh (Video Marketing)
Founder, Song Script

David Marsh has been self-employed since 1995. He has owned and operated multiple businesses and has enjoyed success as a self motivated entrepreneur. David has a passion for business owners and understands the undertaking of running your own business. Having an aptitude for the creative, David has honed his skills as a video producer, editor and creative director. As well, he is a prolific song writer, has current music that is being marketed around the world and has been commissioned by schools to write original music for elementary projects. David and his wife Gayle, have been married for 23 years and have three teen-aged children who enjoy bringing all of their friends over to the house.

David’s video work is based on showing the heart of the business owner and providing and exceptional vehicle for marketing. A well constructed video can convey a massive amount of information in a short period of time. David helps you set yourself apart from your competitors by helping you become an “expert” in your field. Professional videos help your clients better understand your product and keep them loyal to your business. David’s passionate belief is: “If you have a website, you need a video”.

Jason Yarger (Social Media)
Founder, Gear Marketing
Jason D. Yarger has spent the majority of his career in sales. He received traditional sales training from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and transferred into management and recruitment for an independent financial firm in Mesa, AZ. Jason knows firsthand the power networking holds in any business. Yarger’s true passion lies in interactions between people, and what can happen within the communication cycle that disrupts a budding relationship. Because social media had become such a large part of Yarger’s sales resource he decided to open Gear Marketing LLC. in May of 2009 and dedicate his time towards developing and managing meaningful online relationships between businesses and their consumers.

Jason opened Gear Marketing LLC. with the intention of utilizing social media resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and many others to help companies maintain contact with their current clients and target market’s. Yarger’s philosophy on the use of social media within a marketing program is simple; keep it social. Social media is not meant to be used to “Spam” other users for personal gain, but rather to incubate interpersonal relationships with people who have common interests, as well as share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Jason D. Yarger graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Communications. He chose this major because of his love for sales and pursuit of an understanding to the human interaction. Yarger’s education has helped to form his view of how social media fits into the marketing world. His plan focuses on the most efficient way to use social media as a means of maintaining contact with the networks that help build businesses. These contacts are the people who talk about your products and services on a daily basis, and need to be nurtured in order to optimize sales and a respectable public image.


Jared Gold (Website Consulting)
Founder of Streamline

Jared first caught the “entrepreneurship bug” sometime in early 2012. Soon after starting a job right after college, Jared accidentally stumbled into web design by playing around with Squarespace, an online Content Management System (CMS). Eventually, Jared taught himself enough about Squarespace and web design to leave his previous job and start a web design firm. He works exclusively with small businesses (primarily in northern Virginia / DC) to create awesome websites that look great everywhere (including mobile) that help businesses generate leads and engage customers. Jared believes that good design is simple, clean, and to-the-point, and prides himself on being very easy to communicate with and quick to respond.

Jared graduated from George Mason University in December of 2012 with a B.S. in Information Systems and Operations Management.

Jenny Brooks is the founder of Jenny Brooks PR and is an expert at Adopt a Small Business

Jenny Brooks (Public Relations)
Founder of Jenny Brooks PR
Trained in the art of journalism, Jenny Brooks is a public relations professional providing expert and strategic direction for businesses trying to increase awareness about themselves and their products. Brooks has been practicing public relations for more than10 years with experience in non-profit, agency and corporate settings. Her industry work has ranged from health insurance to quick service restaurants and plumbers to law firms. Clients have included Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, CIGNA Health Care,Subway, Einstein Brothers Bagels, Jamba Juice and General Motors. She now operates independently, running her own public relations business. Brooks is a graduate of California State University of Chico and volunteers regularly for the North Gateway Chamber of Commerce as well as all things offspring related. To learn more about Jenny and her services, please visit