IN & Out Magazine Featurs AASB – 5-23-2013

Small Business Jackpot

Now that you’re a business owner, you’re slammed with trying to get up to speed on things you know little about, like search engine optimization and effective branding. If only someone knowledgeable could give you the inside scoop.

Larry Vivola, owner of Inline Business Advisors [and contributing writer for this publication], heard your wish and joined five other service providers to create Adopt a Small Business, a nonprofit organization designed to help one lucky business for a year. The selected business will receive one year of services valued at up to $60,000, for free. (Hard costs, such as ad space and web hosting will need to be borne by the business owner.)

Providers donating services:

Larry Vivola, Inline Business Advisors, Business Consulting

Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Search Engine Optimization

David Marsh, Song Script, Video Marketing

Jason Yarger, Gear Online Marketing, social media

Jenny Brooks, Jenny Brooks Public Relations, Public Relations

Will Chase, Scottsdale Website Design, Website Consulting

For more information and to apply for adoption, visit before June 1. A business will be selected by July 4.

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